Pat received severe spinal injuries from a horse training accident now several years ago.  She maintains her aim of being more independent and mobile with an upbeat view on life.  She faces an endless struggle financially and her family and small group of friends are holding a black tie evening with auction of promise on November 10th to raise her very much needed funds to help her.  She needs alterations to her home to make her life much easier.  Over the last few years small amounts of monies have been donated which have been spent on Physio treatment,  This has been excellent and has given her much needed hope that she can achieve her goal for independence.

We are asking for sponsors for our evening,and so far we have had excellent support. If anybody or club/organisation would like to help in anyway We would be delighted to hear from you.

Pat is an extremely well known and liked horsewoman.  Her life has always been to help and care for others.  If you needed help with your horse wether you were an adult or child she was always there to help.

We now want to help her.

If you are able to help please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you


Jo Blackman-Howard.