The Welsh Assembly have produced a draft road safety strategy plan for 2012 to 2020 and have based their information on the Police Stats 19 form.  This form only records horse related accidents IF the police are called, IF the injured rider/driver is injured and IF he/she goes to hospital from the scene of the accident.  If the police are not called, if the rider/driver doesn’t go straight to hospital as too busy catching horse, waiting for vet etc or if injury not apparently that severe at the time, then either nothing is recorded or it is only noted as an animal related incident (even if the horse is killed).  There is a desperate need across the UK for better and more accurate information about horse/pony related incidents AND also incidents relating to dangerous dogs, dog attacks, firework frighteners, low-flying aircraft etc.  To this end the BHS has organised a special web-site, but knowing that often people are put off going through the BHS itself, the new web-site is an independent one.  The address is  We can only argue any case if we have relevant statistics as has just been proved in Wales, where, apparently, we have NO horse related road incidentas!!!!!  (I wish).  One never knows if and when such information is going to prove gold dust to those arguing for the case of horses on the roads.