We have been delighted with the initial response to our advertisement and this week have taken on two horses, one to ‘break in’ – we prefer the term ‘start’.  Sadly he has not learnt that much and is three years old so most things are new to him, and the one previous attempt to start him wasn’t a good experience for him.  Horses learn quickly and that means good things and not so good things, so if it can be got right in the first place it can save a lot of work.   We will give him good experiences in the very early days to rebuild his confidence and then commence with his training.  Star (name changed) is an 8 year old gelding and his owner has exhausted all conventional avenues and one or two alternatives and we are literally, his last chance, the case with so many of the horses we have seen.   Follow their progress every month and if you have a horse that has reached the end of the road let us come and see it.  We want to stop more good horses being written off and being put to sleep needlessly.  Horses are 60% muscle as well as being a complete bio-mechanical unit – if you knock one bit out it effects the whole unit.  We treat the whole unit or horse.  To find our more look at our website www.samsara-equitation.co.uk or give us a call.  See our advert for details.