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3 year old British Warmblood filly


3 year old British Warmblood filly

I would like some advice about my 3 year old British Warmblood filly, she is a British Warmblood from Hannovarian and Westfalian bloodlines. I have taken her to stud book shows and to the BEF Futurities. To show her i used a flash bridle with a pearl and diamond browband and i wore white jeans and my British Young Breeders top. I want to get her out and about at busier shows so I am planning on doing a couple of local shows and maybe a bit more if she does well, before I ride her out as a four year old. I have entered her in some competition horse classes so I would like to know what I need to wear and what my filly can wear, also how do I need to plait her mane, as i have always white tape plaited.   Thank you.  Alice

Answer from Claire Oliver:

You could wear a collar and tie, jacket and beige or a darker colour pair of trousers and a hat.  The horse should be plaited with thread or bands the same colour as the mane.  Tails plaited or pulled and heels trimmed.  Your horse should be led with a plain leather bridle with a plain noseband.

I do hope this is of some help, and best of luck.  Claire

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