Saturday night (29th April) an attempt was made to steal a horse from the Callow Hill area of Hereford. ‘Martha’ is reportedly fine now after being found in an exceedingly distressed state with headcollar on and leadrope wrapped around her leg. The thieves obviously realised that she wasn’t going to come quietly! Martha doesn’t do quiet! Security will now be increased but be careful everyone. The night before this happened, somebody was seen walking in the paddock, but they disappeared when a torch light was shone on them!

In response to the above news, I have heard from someone else near Marden, Herefordshire who also had suspicious activity in their horses field on Friday.  A man in dark clothes entered by main gate and over field gate. When he saw the owners approaching he jumped over the field gate, out through main gate and sped away in a silver car. One of the horses was eating something. Current thinking is that he was sussing the place out. He was possibly put off when he saw the horse he looked at has a freeze mark. Police have been made aware and they have joined Horse watch.

Please be extra vigilant and tell others to be careful too!