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Wanted 15.2 - 16.2 safe horse

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I am looking for a safe horse that will live alone, and I mean has lived alone happily, not that you think he or she might. A very loving home, with field and stable, occasional horses going past up our road but not in sight in field nearby, people around all the time. I do not have time to ride daily, so one that does not mind being ridden less than every day. I would like to hack safely on the roads around us, pop a log going through the woods, have a gallop on May Hill, (OK fast canter!) and do a little dressage. I love thoroughbreds, but they tend not to work for me, at least the lad I recently had did not! I do not want a bucking, rearing, spinning, napping, nervous, whinnying, difficult to manage horse. Having said that I also don't want to be one that has to be kicked on the whole time. He or she needs to be good to shoe, clip, box and no weaving, cribbing or windsucking please. We have the public around. I am a reasonable rider, and fit but not young. He or she has to be OK with dogs, I have six labradors. I hate to be picky and without being rude I do not want a coloured shaggy thing - sorry! I don't mind an older horse, up to 16, I am not rich by any stretch of the imagination. There has to be one out there somewhere! Phone 07871749250

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